torsdag 16 december 2010

Môreson Winery, Franschhoek

Just as we are beginning to getting to know Stellenbosch, we find ourselves on long broad roads winding through the landscape (no, I am not going to link to the Beatles song). Stellenbosch is certainly famous in a wine making perspective, but the actual town – with all its picturesque houses and churches – is not that big. The bus takes us up the hills outside the city, as the landscape is ascending.

We pass through new settlement areas; we can see men working on the houses and on the infrastructure. It is a quiet day, not much traffic and not many people outside. We see signs which I believe are written in Xhosa, information signs about the new development area. Please feel free to send me an e-mail on redscream atsign live dot se if you know what the text says – I would appreciate it very much. There are certain areas which Google translate haven’t covered yet!

Anyway, in the midst of things the bus driver makes a right turn and shortly after we have arrived at Môreson Winery. Having Spier Winery fresh in mind, this is very much the opposite. No big parking lot, no fancy tasting room, no futuristic Moyo restaurant next by. All is very quiet and peaceful.

We are greeted by the winemaker himself, Clayton, who surprisingly starts off by talking about his newgrown moustache! We are told it is a sign of support for prostate cancer research. I would too grow such a moustache, only that I have such sparse beard growth it would only look ridiculous and certainly not do the cancer research any good...

Clayton talks very passionately and in a smooth, comfortably relaxed way about the wines, the soil, and the micro climate at Môreson. We start off with a white sparkling wine, the Solitaire Méthode Cap Classique (NV). Very fresh! 100 per cent Chardonnay. So nice! Fresh, crispy, tones of citrus. Much better than the Spier sparkling (did I say that out loud?). Good structure and fine balance between the fruitiness and the acid. A perfect appetizer.

Next wine is an oak-aged 100 percent Chardonnay, the Môreson Premium Chardonnay. Surprisingly slender! Very drinkable. We are also shown the aging cellar. Thereafter we taste some reds, the Pinotage, the Mata Mata, and the Miss Molly. I like the Mata Mata best.

We collect our belongings and hop on the bus again, this time heading for Franschhoek. Thank you so much for showing your wines and the winery to us! You make such good wines and we were much impressed. Also, it was so peaceful just sitting on your shadowy piazza and enjoying your wines. Thank you!

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Geniesave sa...

This whole place looks amazing and I love wine so it looks like a dream to me. I am currently planning to visit franschhoek wineries and hope to have a good visit like you have mentioned.