söndag 23 januari 2011

Entabeni, Day 2: Sunrise and Rhinos

After a few hours sleep I grab my camera and tripod and set out to catch the sunrise before the early morning game drive. It is a little scary – are there snakes here? Leopards waiting in the bush? Hippos attacking from the lake? But all I hear is cro-cro frogs, singing to lure the females…

At six, we rendezvous at the lobby and get on the jeeps. This time we will remain on the upper plateau, looking for the rhinos.


A.K.A. McDonald’s antelopes, since the pattern on their behinds look like the golden arc…

A red Hartenbeest wondering who is interrupting his or her morning grass break.

Two warthogs – they preferred running away from the jeep, as opposed to running alongside it…

After about two hours we finally locate the rhinos:

Rhinos really look pre-historic!

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