söndag 16 januari 2011

Vicky’s Bed and Breakfast, Khayelitsha

The calmness and at ease-presence at the Philani Centre was overwhelming. Most of us just wandered about in the work area and the shop, quietly looking at the women working. I bought a little rug, designed as the South African flag.

We get on the bus again and continue to the second stop: Vicky’s Bed and Breakfast, run by Vicky Ntozini and her family. Vicky has been running this little B & B for over ten years and pioneered B & Bs in Khayelitsha. I do not think that the bed and breakfast has a homepage, at least I have not found one, but here are some links: here, here, and here

Anyway, this place charmed all of us at once! We are greeted by Vicky herself, she gives a short introduction and a little history.

After, we look at the rooms. Quite nice!

Next time I am in Cape Town I will definitely stay one or two nights here!

Some awards and letters:

We have time for one final visit before the bus takes us back to Cape Town. Just around the corner there is a little day care centre. But on our way there we are hijacked by this little gang:

As soon as I stopped photographing, they all ran up to me to look at the camera's monitor to look at the pictures. This they found very amusing!

And then the day care centre:

Then we walk back to the bus and to Cape Town. Some pictures of Khayelitsha as we head out:

This township tour, organized by Roots Africa Tours and Owen Jinka, was a profoundly moving experience. Thank you so much.

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Fredrik sa...

Riktigt bra! Särskilt de två på kvinnan i blått.

Red Scream sa...

Tack! :-) Ja, de två tillhör mina favoritbilder. Hon kunde ingen engelska, så Owen pratade istället. Hon var ganska blyg, men det märktes att hon var mycket stolt över dagiset.